Code Signing Certificates

Microsoft Office and VBA

Safeguard your business and code signing integrity. Digitally sign VBA objects, scripts, and macros within Microsoft Office.

Why Choose This Product


Your keys: Stored in the cloud. Secured by the best. Right where you can see them, 24/7.

Encryption and Authentication

Agility with Control

Code signing for more platforms, with no additional resources. In no time.

Support: Built Right In

Layered Security

Protection for your apps that safeguards your reputation and your customer base.

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Task automation is safer and more efficient with Symantec code signing for VBA objects and macros



Secures Microsoft Office and third-party applications using VBA

#1 Code Signing Provider

#1 Code Signing Provider

Authenticates your identity. Validates code integrity. Delivers trust with every download

Security + Longevity

Security + Longevity

Supports secure hash algorithm SHA-1 and SHA-2 options

Built-in Auditing

Built-In Auditing

Free time-stamping provides instant validation and reduces upkeep for code

multi-year discount $869
Price Includes:
  • Maximum platform flexibility
  • Manage multiple certificates with one account
  • Money back NetSure® Protection Plan
Customize Your Certificate

Secure App Service for Enterprises

Protect your business against major financial losses and brand damage with simplified, no-worry code signing visibility, agility, and security.

  • Cloud-based code signing service
  • Approval queues and role-based access controls
  • Accountability and compliance reporting with audit logs


Secure App Service

Secure App Signing

For Every Security Need, a Solution  


Consumer Apps

Inability to keep track of all keys makes business and consumers vulnerable


Internal Apps

Complexity and difficulty of internally developing code signing security processes and controls creates significant risk

Apache Software Foundation

"When we were managing SSL certificates ad-hoc, we had delays as long as two weeks to get an SSL certificate. With Symantec Managed PKI for SSL, we get them in minutes now. It’s a one-stop shop for managing, requesting, renewing, and revoking certificates on demand."


David Nalley, Infrastructure


5 Reasons You Should Sign Your Code with Symantec Code Signing

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5 Reasons You Should Sign Your Code with Symantec Code Signing

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Code Signing Basics

Introduction to Symantec Code Signing


Cloud Protection

Increase Downloads with Symantec Code Signing

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