Symantec Secure App Service

Your reputation. Your assets. Your brand. Simplify control over all if it, with code signing and key storage in the secure cloud. All from a single dashboard.

Visibilty + Protection

Visibilty + Protection

Provides granular insight into all code signing activities, secure cloud storage, full reporting and auditing

Agility with Control

Agility + Control

Supports all major file types and multiple signing methods, with fast revocation and backdating

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Symantec Secure App Services protects your business against code signing threats and mismanagement risk. Our industry leading cloud service lowers costs, keeps you in control, and makes scalability manageable.

Secured Keys in Hosted Service

Secured Keys in Hosted Service

Manage code signing for desktop files and apps with cloud-base keys. All from one dashboard

Approval Queue, Role-Based Access

Support for All Major File Types

Sign your Microsoft, Java (desktop and mobile), PDF and XML files safely, with role-based access

Rotating Keys, Unique Keys, Multiple Signing Services

Multiple Signing Services and Keys

Comply with Microsoft Azure cloud platform

Built-in Auditing

Full Reporting and Audit Logs

Track your signed code and activities with audit logs and reports, to ensure accountability and compliance


More Than Just Secure App Service

Create a digital "shrink-wrap" for secure distribution of code and content over the Internet. Symantec adds a high-level of trust by providing world-class authentication of the code signer.

Secure App Service

Secure App Service

For Every Security Need, a Solution


Consumer Apps

Inability to keep track of all keys makes business and consumers vulnerable


Internal Apps

Complexity and difficulty of internally developing code signing security processes and controls creates significant risk

Apache Software Foundation

"When we were managing SSL certificates ad-hoc, we had delays as long as two weeks to get an SSL certificate. With Symantec Managed PKI for SSL, we get them in minutes now. It’s a one-stop shop for managing, requesting, renewing, and revoking certificates on demand."


David Nalley, Infrastructure

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