Symantec Encryption Everywhere Program

Designed for Hosting Providers, Master Resellers and Domain Registrars, the Symantec Website Security Partner Program gives participants exclusive access to our powerful suite of tools, support and services for selling our comprehensive solutions that increase both security and value for your customers.

Accelerate Portfolio Profitability

Accelerate Portfolio Profitability

Include Symantec’s industry-leading products into your offerings for increased sales of high margin products, improving the profitability of your business

Add Customer Value

Add Customer Value

Integrate offerings from Symantec and GeoTrust into your product catalog to add customer value with a seamless user experience

Leverage Our Strengths

Leverage Our Strengths

Join in Symantec's world-class marketing support program to maximize exposure and effectiveness while minimizing your own level of effort and costs

The Gold Standard in Partner Programs

Website Security Partner Program

Advantage: Resellers


The world's strongest SSL/TLS; the most advanced certificate monitoring and management systems available: Nothing matches the confidence your customers have when you recommend the most famous name in Website Security.


  • Full Range Portfolio: From SSL / TLS certificates for individuals to Complete Website Security solutions for the Enterprise
  • Partners Beyond The Product: Workshops, custom merchandizing, consulting and expert advice on solution selling
  • Built-In Opportunity: Merchandizing funds, expert advice and insights to help you build your client base
Symantec Encryption

Introduction to Encryption Everywhere

Symantec Encryption

Symantec Encryption Everywhere Program

Security For All


Reduce the complexities of integrating security into your product offerings—while you bring the added benefit of "free" to your customers. When you help them start out securely, you build the foundation for long-term growth. For everyone.


  • Relationship-Building Benefits: Free DV Certificates help establish trust for new businesses with limited budgets
  • Profitable Efficiencies Seamless migration to the entire portfolio of Symantec Website Security portfolio, for long-term customer relationships
  • Brand-Building Support: When your customers need help, the Symantec Website Security team is there. 24/7

Partner News

News & Press Releases


Symantec Announces New Encryption Everywhere Program

With only 3% of today’s websites encrypted, Symantec calls on website owners and web hosting providers to secure all legitimate web traffic by 2018.  


Symantec Partners with the SSL Store to Quickly Enable Encryption for Millions of Websites

One of the largest distributors of SSL certificates now offers the Encryption Everywhere program from Symantec, the leader in cybersecurity


Symantec Announces Xolphin as the First Encryption Everywhere Partner for Benelux and First Registration Authority in Europe

Xolphin will Offer Encryption to Websites and Web Hosting Providers throughout the Region, while also Operating as a Registered Authority for Symantec SSL Certificates.

Partner Events


Symantec World Hosting Days, Rust, Germany

Whether you are a hosting provider, cloud providers, reseller or value-added service provider, World Hosting Days was a great opportunity to network with peers, grow your business, and learn how to build a foundation of business based on Encryption Everywhere.


Symantec HostingCon Global, Los Angeles, CA

Symantec was a sponsor of HostingCon Global 2017, the Global Event for the cloud and service provider ecosystem.  Visitors stopped by the Symantec booth to learn more about how Symantec can empower companies to build profitable secure web businesses. Attendees also hear from Symantec Trust Strategist, Jeff Barto about securing website in compliance with recent web browser security trends.

Partners in Success

  • InterNetX
  • CertCenter
  • TrustAsia
  • SSL Market
  • 1&1

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