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The Norton Seal is the most trusted mark on the Internet.

Norton Secured, Powered by DigiCert

We are dedicated to investing in the online security ecosystem, and will continue to lead the field with the most recognized trust mark on the internet– look for the Norton Secured Seal!

Consumer tests by DigiCert show that the Norton Secured Seal retains the highest level of recognition and trust valued by eCommerce and other privacy-minded web owners. Research shows that the Norton Secured Seal offers consumers the greatest feeling of trust on the internetDigiCert has invested in making the online ecosystem safer by also offering:

  • Daily malware scanning and vulnerability testing
  • ECC and DSA algorithm agility
  • Improved SSL Tools for certificate checking
  • Seal-in-search
  • Express and auto-renewals

Why Symantec SSL/TLS?

Norton Secured, Powered by DigiCert
Enterprise offering - Complete Website Security

Why Use the Norton Secured Seal

almost a billion times per day

It's seen almost a billion times per day in 170 countries.

grow your online business

Helps grow your online business by anchoring customer recognition: In an international online consumer study, 91% of respondents are likely to continue an online purchase purchase when they view the Norton Secured Seal during the checkout process, more than any other seal or no seal displayed.

military-grade data centers

DigiCert's robust PKI infrastructure includes military-grade data centers and disaster recovery sites for unsurpassed customer data protection, availability and peace of mind.

PCI compliance

The Seal can be a visible image of your dedication to PCI compliance, as eCommerce sites must authenticate their identities and encrypt transaction traffic through their site to protect customer data.

Seal Installation Instructions

Install the dynamic seal, so that you will always have the latest design of the most recognized and trusted seal on the internet* displayed on your site, maintenance-free, If you are still displaying an older seal (VeriSign, Norton Secured powered by VeriSign, Norton Secured powered by Symantec, etc.), you are out of compliance with the terms of use.

* (International Online Consumer Research by IpSOS, October 2016)

Customer Success Stories

Founded in 2000, AsiaPay is a premier electronic payment solution provider for banks and merchants. AsiaPay is also a leading certified international 3-D Secure vendor in Asia for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB in Asia.


Timeless Wrought Iron brings trust to their customers' high-value online purchases


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