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5 Reasons Why You Should Sign Your Code with Symantec Code Signing.

Why You Should Sign

Maximize Distribution and Revenue on More Platforms
Two trends make code signing more important than ever: the explosion of consumer applications for mobile and desktop devices and the proliferation of malware. Software publishers and mobile network providers increasingly require code signing from a trusted Certificate Authority (CA) before accepting code for distribution. Symantec Code Signing supports more platforms than any other code signing provider. Symantec is the one trusted provider of code signing for Windows Phone, AT&T Developer Program, Java Verified and Symbian Signed applications.


Reduce Security Warnings by Relying on a Trusted Certificate Authority (CA)

Symantec root certificate ubiquity is second to none. Our root certificates come preinstalled on most devices and are embedded in most applications. When you use Symantec Code Signing, your code is automatically accepted for seamless download. If a security warning does appear, it is more likely to recommend trusting your code because it is trusted by Symantec. (Security warnings depend on the platform, application, and client security settings).


Introduction to Code Signing

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Additional Reasons to Sign with Symantec Code Signing Certificates

Protect Your Code Integrity and Your Reputation

Digital signatures contain proof of content integrity so that your code cannot be altered and distributed with unapproved changes. If the hash used to sign the application matches the hash on a downloaded application, the code integrity is intact. If the hash used does not match, users experience a security warning or the code fails to download. Symantec Code Signing Certificates include an optional timestamp to extend the life of your digital signatures. Your code will remain valid even if your code signing certificate expires, because the validity of the code signing certificate at the time of the digital signature can be verified.

Speed Time to Market with Streamlined Security

Symantec web-based portal and API integrations make it easy to manage and integrate code signing into your development process. Streamlined security helps you get to market faster while protecting the integrity of your code and reducing security warnings. More developers and publishers rely on Symantec than any other CA. In fact, 7 out of 10 code signing users choose Symantec.*

Ensure a Safe, Secure Experience for Customers

Symantec helps create a seamless user experience that minimizes security warnings and installation failures while maximizing code distribution and revenue potential. Signing your code ensures that it has not been tampered with and that it comes from you. Signing it with a Symantec Code Signing Certificate shows that you are trusted by the leader in code signing security and helps ensure a safe, secure experience for you and your customers.

*Online interactive survey of software developers and decision makers, conducted by Symantec, September 2011.


Boost Software Adoption and Sales with Code Signing

What's Code Signing?

Code signing is a digital signature added to software and applications that verifies that the included code has not been tampered with after it was signed.

SHA 256 Support

SHA 256 Support

Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) 256 Support is available for Symantec Code Signing Certificates.

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Code Signing 101

Code Signing 101

Symantec helps you deliver your apps and code to more customers on more platforms than any other provider. More developers and publishers rely on Symantec, the most recognized and trusted Certificate Authority (CA) worldwide, than any other CA.

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