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DigiCert, with the addition of Symantec’s Website Security business, is a leading global provider of digital certificates. The world’s leading banks, e-commerce, technology, healthcare and manufacturing companies rely on us to provide scalable encryption and authentication for their most valuable online properties. Beyond the web, DigiCert innovates with leading scalable, automated PKI-based solutions for identity, authentication, and encryption for the Internet of Things (IoT) and other emerging, connected markets.


  • DigiCert secures more than 26 billion web connections every day.
  • Customers: Leading companies, including the Global 2000, use DigiCert brands. 1
  • Leadership: CEO John Merrill and an experienced executive team lead with more than 100 years combined CA experience
  • Employees: More than 1,000
  • Offices: Lehi, Utah (headquarters); St, George, Utah; Tokyo, Japan; Mountain View, Calif; Cape Town, South Africa; Dublin, Ireland; Melbourne, Australia

By the Numbers:

  • 4.96: Average star rating out of five by customers (nearly 3,500 posted reviews) 2
  • 24/7/365: When DigiCert customer support is ready to take questions, in-person via e-mail, chat or phone
  • 99.99: percent uptime – DigiCert systems are reliable in providing secure connections for our customers and their users
  • 180+: Number of countries in which our customers do business
  • 2,000: Global 2000 companies choose DigiCert brands to secure their valuable online properties 3
  • 26 billion: Number of secure web connections we support every day 4

Industry Leadership:

  • Founding member of CA/Browser Forum (DigiCert’s Ben Wilson is the current Vice Chair)
  • Founding member of the CA Security Council
  • Founding member of DirectTrust.org and leading trusted root CA
  • Member and/or board member of IETF, OTA, AllSeen Alliance, WiFi Alliance, IIC, and security adviser for ISOC
  • Co-wrote security standard for Directed Exchange, NFC tags, WFA Passpoint 2.0, CABF BRs, .onion certificates
  • First trusted root CA for the WInnForum’s CBRS trusted root program
  • First CA to implement Google Certificate Transparency (CT) and host an independent CT log
  • Go-to provider of scalable security for IoT devices and emerging markets

Recent Awards:

  • 2017—DigiCert, Frost & Sullivan North American Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for Internet of Things Security
  • 2017—DigiCert named one of Computerworld’s Top 100 places to work in IT
  • 2017—DigiCert CertCentral, SC Awards Finalist for Best SME Security Solution
  • 2017—DigiCert named to Inc. 500/5000 list for 6th straight year
  • 2017—OTA, DigiCert & Symantec Website Security honored for leadership in online security
  • 2016—DigiCert CertCentral, InfoSecurity Best IoT Security Solution
  • 2016—Symantec, Frost & Sullivan Global SSL/TLS Certificates Market Leadership Award

First CA to:

  • Offer unlimited reissues and enable Wildcard
  • Partner with Microsoft in enabling EV Code Signing certificates from day one
  • Launch independent Certificate Transparency Log Server
  • Offer TLS for Tor browser
  • Develop Multi-Domain (SAN) certificates in partnership with Microsoft
  • Issue certificates that meet the Direct protocol and are cross-certified with the U.S. FBCA for secure health records exchange
  • Market unlimited server licenses and free reissues
  • Market free duplicate certificates
  • Issue certificates to provide identity for drones

Market and Competition:

  • DigiCert brands serve customers across all industries in nearly every country
  • DigiCert is the world’s leading provider of high-assurance (OV and EV) certificates
  • DigiCert leads with innovative, scalable solutions for connected emerging markets including:
    • Internet of Things
    • Cloud security
    • NFC tags
    • WiFi hotspot security
    • Secure exchange of healthcare records among medical providers, carriers and patients

Trends Driving Adoption:

  • IoT: Exponential growth in connected devices across healthcare, automotive/transportation, industrial, smart infrastructure/smart city and the need for scalable identity, authentication and encryption
  • The push for encrypting the net by default with TLS certificates
  • Devops and growing recognition of the need for authentication and encryption everywhere within the enterprise
  • PKIs will be used to support, on average, more than eight different applications within an enterprise, including SSL certificates, virtual private networks (VPNs), public cloud apps and authentication mechanisms. 5

Customer Examples



Delivers between 5-10 percent of the worlds internet traffic

The up-front investment Verizon made to integrate with the DigiCert API allowed for long-term scaling of its application, and the reduction in overall support costs. Richard and his team shrunk certificate turnaround times from weeks to a matter of a few hours, giving customers the ability to start securely delivering content right away. Although certificate volume increased 7X in the last four years, Verizon has avoided spending resources on hiring new analysts, and has put that money into further developing their internal KMI, which will allow Richard and his team to continue automating their certificate management.

“During peak times, our CDN is responsible for delivering up to 10% of the world’s web traffic. The DigiCert API is the only thing that’s allowed us to scale to encrypt such high volumes of traffic. To put it simply, The DigiCert API is helping us secure the internet”

Richard Marcus, Manager of Security Operations and Compliance, Verizon Digital Media Services



Since 2008, Plex has delivered a sophisticated media streaming solution that gives users a platform to easily organize and stream all of their videos, music, and photos.

In one of the largest implementations of publicly trusted certificates to date, Plex partnered with DigiCert to secure millions of devices. This partnership allows Plex to utilize the DigiCert IoT PKI platform, and enables Plex to automatically provision and deploy SSL/TLS encryption to Plex servers and Plex-enabled devices. The innovative and scalable DigiCert platform made this deployment possible by customizing the issuance process to meet the technical needs of the Plex streaming infrastructure.

“By partnering with DigiCert, Plex is providing its users with the peace of mind they expect for their personal media and all of the necessary layers of security that go beyond today’s industry norm for total trust.”

Scott Olechowski, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder



Since its founding in 1998, PayPal has been a leader in securing online payment transfers. In 2014, PayPal moved $228 billion in 26 currencies throughout 190 countries.

Since 2010, PayPal has trusted DigiCert to issue and maintain its security certificates because of DigiCert’s impressive commitment to customer satisfaction. According to Rosonina, DigiCert offers “excellent interaction with the customer” as well as an order process that is “efficient and thorough.”

“The DigiCert team has proven creative, solving common issues accepted as de facto by other PKI vendors.”

Steven Rosonina, Senior Manager of Cryptography at PayPal


Key Dates:

  • 2003 — Ken Bretschneider and Chuck West found DigiCert
  • 2005 — DigiCert founding member of CA/B Forum
  • 2007 — DigiCert partneres with Microsoft to develop first Multi-domain (SAN) Certificate
  • 2008 — First CA to offer unlimited reissues and promote Wildcard use
  • 2011 — First to partner with Microsoft in enabling EV Code Signing
  • 2012 — Founding member of Direct Trust and Achieved Direct Trust Accreditation Secure Healthcare exchange
  • 2013 — DigiCert one of the founding members of the CA Security Council (CASC)
  • 2014 — First CA to launch Certificate Transparency Log Server
  • 2015 — Thoma Bravo acquires majority stake in DigiCert
  • 2015 — DigiCert acquires Verizon SSL/TLS Business
  • 2015 — DigiCert launches IoT Platform
  • 2016 — John Merrill named CEO of DigiCert
  • 2016 — DigiCert leads with full integration with Microsoft Azure Key Vault
  • 2017 — DigiCert acquires Symantec’s Website Security business and related PKI solutions
1 Source: Internal numbers of combined DigiCert + Symantec Website Security business, Oct. 2017
2 Taken from digicert.com reviews on Oct. 6, 2017
3 Source: Internal customer analysis against Forbes Global 2000, 2017
4 Internal numbers of combined DigiCert + Symantec Website Security business, Oct. 2017
5 Source: 2017 Global PKI Trends Study, Ponemon Institute, Thales

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